Named by Wine Enthusiast magazine as one of the 10 best wine travel destinations, Southern Oregon boasts more than 120 wineries growing over 70 varieties of grapes.  At Ashland Wine Cellar we strive to showcase as many local wines as possible and encourage you to get out and visit the wineries to experience what Southern Oregon has to offer.

Southern Oregon’s latitude and prevailing oceanic winds create a 7 month European-like growing season that distinguishes it from all other west coast (and American) growing regions and this uniquely defines, identifies and unifies us as an ideal place to grow wine grapes. Our wide diurnal temperature swings and mountainous topography; which subdivides the region into a patchwork of mesoclimates ideally suited to growing over 70 different grape varieties is what defines our diversity! Thus, we ripen a dazzling number of grape varieties each at its “Climatic Edge” with great natural acidity, reasonable alcohol levels and classic varietal aromas and flavors.
Click on the regional maps below to learn more about the wineries in the area and what makes them distinct from each other.

Go on a wine tour!

A visit to southern Oregon isn't complete without wine tasting, but where to start? Package tours are offered by Bacchus Winery Tours, Bravo Outings, Main Street Adventure Tours, Platinum Xcursions, and Wine Hopper Tours.

If you're more of a DIYer, visit the Oregon Wine Board to find out where the tasting rooms are located.

Learn about wine!

Southern Oregon is heaven to wine geeks.  The climate, geography, soils, and culture all combine to make this a winemaker's dream.  The Oregon Wine Board's Industry Resources offer everything you need to know about cultivation and so much more!

Taste local wines!

Every Thursday from 4 - 6 pm, and First Friday from 5 - 7 pm, Ashland Wine Cellar features a regional winery with complimentary tasting of select wines.  Check out this month's tastings!